Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the Land of Fabric

I have been living in that land for the past three months and now I think I am ready to get back to reality. It has been very busy but I have learned so much and am working on changing my attitude about working. I feel so blessed to be able to work out of my home so that I can still be with my kids. I have the opportunity to work with so many talented people and feel it an honor to be associated with them. I have also gained some confidence the last few months once I have seen my creations (not my designs, I give credit to Firefly for that) take shape and finally displayed in a customers home. It is amazing what a change in attitude can do. So to start with, here is a cute little custom tee I did for Papertreats.

In September I started on the Neilson project. What a job. I did 4 Hobbled Roman shades, 3 sets of panels, and 2 sets of table linens.

Unfortunately this is the only picture I got before my batteries went dead. I then started on the Fisher Residence.

This started in the Master Bedroom with a duvet cover, throw, two Euro shams, 2 standard shams, 1 bolster, and four throw pillows.

To accent the window we did a full drapery treatment that started with a fabric covered cornice, sheers, and lined and interlined drapery panels.

Man those were heavy. After that we moved into the living room.

The bay window is accented by pencil pleat draperies and a box pleat valance. The Guest bedroom had 2 Euro shams, 1 bolster, and 1 throw pillow.

I then did a set of Triple pinch pleat draperies on a decorative traverse rod.

Wow, what a mouth-full. Needless to say it was a busy few months and it has been so nice to concentrate on things at home and less complicated projects.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Craft Fair SALE!!!!

This past weekend I did "The Big One" craft fair. I met some wonderful people and was happy with my booth and product but the people just weren't buying. As a result I have a lot of inventory left over that I would like to offer to my friends and family at discounted prices. You can choose to contact me directly at simplesayings@gmail.com or visit my Etsy site. I will have all the products listed later on today. So here it goes

Trick or Treat Totes $12.00
Each tote is fully lined and very sturdy. All the bows are removable and collapse for easy storage. They measure 6" wide, 5" deep, and 7" tall. Perfect for any size trick or treater.

Multi Polka-dot lined in purple or orange solid.
Black with white polka dots lined in either purple or orange.
Black "boo" tote lined in orange spider web.
Orange spider web lined in black "boo".
Skeleton lined in either orange or purple polka-dot.

Felt Food $8.00 set

Applique Tee $15.00
Short sleeve, white cotton tee in select sizes.

Owl Sizes: 6-9 M (this is a long sleeved cream colored shirt), 3T
Raggy pumpkin: sizes: 18M, 3T, 6
Christmas Tree: sizes 12M, 24M
Cupcake: sizes 12M, 24M, 3T

Crayon Roll $6.00
Each roll includes 8 crayons and several sheets of paper

Red Bandanna with denim pocket
Little Birdie
Animal Cracker
Pears and Apples

Mini Key Fob $3.50
Perfect gift and I offer discounts for multiple orders. Each key ring fits perfectly on your finger and still fits in your pocket. It also makes it really easy to find those missing keys in the bottom of your purse.

Mini Wallet: $5.00
I love mine for business cards. It will also hold a few credit cards and makes a great gift to go along with gift cards. Lining or pocket is a coordinating print. Discounts for multiple orders.

Mini Wallet and Key Fob Set: $7.00
Other designs available.

Thanks so much for all of the support and love I have received. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Craft Fair 2009

Now that school has started, doesn't that mean life if supposed to slow down? Not in my house, things are just starting to pop. We have had a wonderful summer filled with popsicles, family, and friends. The boys have started school and are loving it. I have become a slave to the sewing machine. It's a good thing I love it. Amongst all the many projects I have going on I thought a craft fair would be a great experience. I called up my good friend Christine to get some advice from her vast knowledge and she has been an incredible help. I have finally narrowed down my product and can't wait for the big day, October 16-17. Her is a sneak preview of a few things I am going to try to sell. If you have any good tips or suggestions drop me a line. I can use all the help I can get.

Felt Food

Crayon Rolls (can you believe no one is selling these up here?)

Trick or Treat Totes

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I did my first attempt at the altered jeans look.  My pictures may not be as cute as the ones below but I'm happy with the results.

 I did a cute little cherry applique on a white tee and added a ruffle to some of Halie's old jeans.  Can't wait to do some more.   

Sunday, June 21, 2009

You can make this!

Two of my favorite sites are You Can Make This and Swak Embroidery.  I love all of the adorable patterns and projects they offer and I purchase almost all of my embroidery/applique designs from Swak.  I haven't found better prices or selection anywhere else.  Last week I was browsing through the submitted projects others have made and fell in love with this. 

 Isn't is so cute?  I can't wait to turn all of Halie's high water jeans into something she can use.  I'll post pictures when I finally get around to tackling some of my projects that seem to pile up.  I did however make a cute little skirt.  I'll have to post a picture later.  I thought the fabric was so fun and summery.  I need a little color in my life since I seem to go straight for the black.  I didn't let go all the way since I still kept with the black blouse.  I do consider my baby steps progress.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Key What?

Here is what I've been having fun with.  
Mother's Day Checkbook covers.  

Does anyone even use checks anymore?
38 Key Fobs for Teacher Appreciation Week

(I love these things)
Pacifier Holders

And some drapes for a client.  

So fun and easy.  The best part is she loves them.  I love happy customers.  
What have you been sewing up?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artfulife: Artfulife's First Ever Springtime Giveaway!

Artfulife: Artfulife's First Ever Springtime Giveaway!

Summer over at Artfulife is having a fantastic give-away!  I am always so amazed by the very talented people there are out there.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little Slow

Business has been a little slow the last couple of weeks but after this weekend things are going to get crazy busy.  I get to do some pinch-pleat draperies for a client.  Never done those before but I am so excited and know they will look fantastic in her sun room.  I also get to help my friend Anna over at Paper Treats work on some new throw pillows (but only if she didn't sell her house).  I can't wait to work with some heavier fabrics in some fun bright colors.  I also got a call yesterday to do some drapery panels.  This is a referral from FireFly Designs.  And last but not least, I got an email from a past customer in my Etsy shop asking if I could do up a little shower curtain and monogram it for her.  That will be fun.  
During my down time I was able to work on a few of my own projects that have been pushed back into the deepest darkest corner.  I whipped up a fun little apron for the hubby.  Warmer weather = grilling time.  We purchased ourselves a new grill last month and we are so excited to use it but not very skilled when it comes to new recipes.  So, if you have something good please let me know because my mouth can't wait to water.  
I also worked on a "Scripture Quilt" that I started over 2 years ago.  I finished the top and get to try my hand at quilting it.  I'll let you know how it goes and post a picture of the finished product.  
And last but not least, I made up a few new things to add to the shop.  

I hope to have them listed in the next few days.  There should be a tutorial coming out soon for the Towel Tote.  I was so happy with the finished product and it was so easy to make.  Once I post the tutorial you will have to try it out and give me your opinion.      

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

So here's the story.  At the beginning of the school year I must have been feeling a little ambitious because I signed up to help the PTO.  I know, crazy right?  So for the past 8 months I have been in charge of coordinating staff treats every-other Wednesday.  Usually I forget to call someone to take something in so I usually end up scrounging something up Wednesday afternoon.  Poor staff.  I also helped out with the Holiday Shop in December.  One thing I did not sign up for (well, I did but I had no idea what I was getting myself in for and I have no recollection of sharing my lovely name with the PTO president) was Teacher Appreciation Week.  

A few weeks ago I get a phone call from the PTO informing me that TAW (Teacher Appreciation Week) is coming up fast and since I signed up to co-chair and no one else signed up with me I had better get busy.  At first I was baffled and I really wanted to do this.

I had no idea that this week even existed let alone was I prepared to plan it myself.  However, the past PTO Pres. agreed to help me out and gave me the low down.  So, I have been just a little overwhelmed with the upcoming TAW and in order to solve my overwhelmedness, I started searching the blogs.  I have just discovered Skip to my Lou.  I know I am a little late but she is now one of my new favorite bloggers.  She has an entire section dedicated to TAW!!!!!  Who would have thought?  I have also wanted to try my hand at those nifty little key fobs.  I live in a small community and there are only about 40 teachers and staff at the elementary so I didn't think it would be too hard to whip up a few key fobs as a fun little gift.  I found most of my supplies on MamaSheCrazy and can't wait to find some incredible fabric to spice them up.  I will be using the incredible easy to understand tutorial found here.  I may be getting in over my head but hey, what's new with that?  If anyone else has some suggestions for TAW give me a little shout out.  I can use all the help I can get.       

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There is no place like Fargo!!!!

Tears are rolling down my face. Sometimes words can not express how deeply a situation has touched you but with music and pictures you can get a glimpse. This is what I have been surrounded with the past week. I have been surrounded by people fighting with a smile on their face to save the community that they love. I have been surrounded with uncertainty and faith that things will turn out for the best. When I first walked into the Fargo Dome to help fill sandbags the site was overwhelming. When I first got a glimpse of the rising water next to homes that I wasn't familiar with tears came to my eyes. They came again as I watched an elderly couple walk up to the front doors ready to do all they could to help. This is why I live here. This is why I suffer through the long and awful winter. It is because of the people. It is because of the hope the faith and the optimism that surround me. I remember being floored the first time I pulled up to the fast food restaurant with how kind and helpful the girl was that passed the food through the window. There is something special about this town. Thank you for your prayers.

Friendship Quilt

Sorry I have been a absent lately but things have been a little crazy. For those that read my personal blog you know that we have been battling a flood for the past week. I have hardly been able to touch my sewing machine let alone calm my addiction. However, since we just received about 1+ feet of snow, I am sure I will be busy doing something since I have no desire to go out in it all.
A few months ago a couple of my quilting friends thought it would be fun to do a fall friendship quilt. They found a fantastic line of Moda fabric and 9 fantastic friends that wanted to be a part of it all. Each person gets 2 different prints and has to design a 12 inch square. We then make 9 of the same square and when we get back together in September we will exchange and end up with 9 different squares to put together in a quilt. I think it will be a lot of fun to see what people come up with and put something together with my Fargo family. I have some fantastic friends that make my life complete so to have something lovingly created my a lot of them will be something I treasure.
Since I am addicted to applique I had to use this cute little acorn that I found at Swak! I love this site and download a lot of my embroidery designs from them. They also have some fantastic sister sites that have a ton of great ideas. Anyway, here is my first ever real quilt block.

Thanks to Shay and Brooke who helped me pick out a design and helped me to pick out some coordinating prints. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Tried!

I really tried.  On Thursday I told the hubby that I was going to close up shop until Monday.  That's right.  I was going to close the door on my sewing room.  Well, Friday morning I just couldn't resist and opened it up just to finish off a few little items.  Then on Saturday I heard my machine calling my name again and decided to put together this little cutie.

 I found the pattern on one of my new favorite web-sites called Grand Revival Designs.  I am so amazed by the many talented women out there.  The blog world has really made it possible to us to start our own little businesses, share ideas, inspire each-other and create.  I am grateful for this.  Well, after I made up the cute little skirt I decided it was time to make a matching headband because an outfit just isn't complete without a little accessorizing.

 There are many different versions out on the web but I found my pattern here.  Anyway, today the door is staying shut and tomorrow we may just have to make a matching skirt for me.