Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artfulife: Artfulife's First Ever Springtime Giveaway!

Artfulife: Artfulife's First Ever Springtime Giveaway!

Summer over at Artfulife is having a fantastic give-away!  I am always so amazed by the very talented people there are out there.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little Slow

Business has been a little slow the last couple of weeks but after this weekend things are going to get crazy busy.  I get to do some pinch-pleat draperies for a client.  Never done those before but I am so excited and know they will look fantastic in her sun room.  I also get to help my friend Anna over at Paper Treats work on some new throw pillows (but only if she didn't sell her house).  I can't wait to work with some heavier fabrics in some fun bright colors.  I also got a call yesterday to do some drapery panels.  This is a referral from FireFly Designs.  And last but not least, I got an email from a past customer in my Etsy shop asking if I could do up a little shower curtain and monogram it for her.  That will be fun.  
During my down time I was able to work on a few of my own projects that have been pushed back into the deepest darkest corner.  I whipped up a fun little apron for the hubby.  Warmer weather = grilling time.  We purchased ourselves a new grill last month and we are so excited to use it but not very skilled when it comes to new recipes.  So, if you have something good please let me know because my mouth can't wait to water.  
I also worked on a "Scripture Quilt" that I started over 2 years ago.  I finished the top and get to try my hand at quilting it.  I'll let you know how it goes and post a picture of the finished product.  
And last but not least, I made up a few new things to add to the shop.  

I hope to have them listed in the next few days.  There should be a tutorial coming out soon for the Towel Tote.  I was so happy with the finished product and it was so easy to make.  Once I post the tutorial you will have to try it out and give me your opinion.      

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

So here's the story.  At the beginning of the school year I must have been feeling a little ambitious because I signed up to help the PTO.  I know, crazy right?  So for the past 8 months I have been in charge of coordinating staff treats every-other Wednesday.  Usually I forget to call someone to take something in so I usually end up scrounging something up Wednesday afternoon.  Poor staff.  I also helped out with the Holiday Shop in December.  One thing I did not sign up for (well, I did but I had no idea what I was getting myself in for and I have no recollection of sharing my lovely name with the PTO president) was Teacher Appreciation Week.  

A few weeks ago I get a phone call from the PTO informing me that TAW (Teacher Appreciation Week) is coming up fast and since I signed up to co-chair and no one else signed up with me I had better get busy.  At first I was baffled and I really wanted to do this.

I had no idea that this week even existed let alone was I prepared to plan it myself.  However, the past PTO Pres. agreed to help me out and gave me the low down.  So, I have been just a little overwhelmed with the upcoming TAW and in order to solve my overwhelmedness, I started searching the blogs.  I have just discovered Skip to my Lou.  I know I am a little late but she is now one of my new favorite bloggers.  She has an entire section dedicated to TAW!!!!!  Who would have thought?  I have also wanted to try my hand at those nifty little key fobs.  I live in a small community and there are only about 40 teachers and staff at the elementary so I didn't think it would be too hard to whip up a few key fobs as a fun little gift.  I found most of my supplies on MamaSheCrazy and can't wait to find some incredible fabric to spice them up.  I will be using the incredible easy to understand tutorial found here.  I may be getting in over my head but hey, what's new with that?  If anyone else has some suggestions for TAW give me a little shout out.  I can use all the help I can get.