Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artsy Crafty

My awesome friend Candace is a wonderful artist. I love her prints. I love the beautiful colors, the texture, and the beautiful way they accent her walls. I have coveted having some of her art work decorate my walls but the next best thing are her note cards. Currently she is offering a giveaway on her blog. If I do something artsy I have a chance to win some beautiful note cards. So, my kids and I got to work. Halie's kindergarten teacher sent her an outline of a person that she was decorate and make look like her. I copied the person and made one for each of the kids then we broke out the fabric, markers, sparkles, and beads and went to work.

The kids had a great time.

Halie picked out all the accessories and knew exactly what she wanted.

The boys decided to make aliens/monsters.

I was proud of their creativity and remembered how much I love doing things with my kids.