Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel like this? I have all these hopes and dreams that I hope will one day become reality but how to get there can be tedious, frustrating, heartbreaking, wonderful and hard. It could be because we have Sadie (our almost dog that used to be ours but was given back because of my patience issues) and didn't sleep well at all. I think she was up more last night than a new born baby. Or maybe it is because of all the snow that has so graciously made it's permanent home here. Whatever it is I am so grateful for good friends, a wonderful husband, and happy (most of the time) kids. I do love to sew but haven't been able to get into my "studio" if you can even call it that, much this week. Once I started sewing everyday I kicked all the kids toys out of the lone room in the basement and set up permanently. I love having a room that is MINE and that it can be as messy as I want it to be. However, right now my limited supply of light is blocked from the new snowfall that covers up the windows and I can barely get around down there. Guess I should quit complaining and get busy. That is how a lot of my problems get solved. Love you!


  1. Just take a deep breath! You are amazing so I know you will be able to over come the overwhelmingness!! Did that make sense?

  2. Melt, snow, melt! And know that you'll get through this rut!